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The home improvement of your dreams is just one call away. Make your house standout amongst the rest while also adding waterproofing to protect you from the ills of nature. Stucco & Beyond – stucco contractors has been serving our community since 2002. A stucco repair near you Des Plaines is done right every time by our team of professional stucco contractors who take great pride in their work. Our stucco company near Des Plaines treats customers like family meaning we encourage healthy customer relationships to ensure that you are comfortable with the stucco services we provide throughout the entire process. Clients marvel at our customer exterior jobs that can be seen throughout every neighborhood that we have served. Homeowners choose Stucco & Beyond for our reliability and concrete vision to make sure you get exactly the stucco services you are looking for. You can feel safe that our certified contractors from Stucco&Beyond will do the job according to industry standards. No job is too big or too small. Our purpose is to cater to your needs in a fast and reliable fashion.


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Why Choose Stucco & Beyond Inc.

Why Choose Stucco & Beyond for Your Stucco Exterior

house stucco testing specialists


Stucco & Beyond stucco contractors nearby Chicagoland provide constant training and classes for our stucco experts giving them a huge advantage and offering a complete guarantee that your job will be done successfully.

Employee Screen

Employee Screen

We are fully invested in our clients and this is why our stucco restoration near you Des Plaines and other jobs are done by employees who are screened and proven to be honest and reliable stucco contractors.

Licensed & Insured

Licensed & Insured

Stucco contractors come fully insured. Our Stucco services are done by licensed and bonded professionals in many Chicagoland suburbs.

Backed by Stucco Services

Backed by Stucco Services

All our clients receive a full list of addresses from our stucco installation near Des Plaines, and stucco repair projects to look at for themselves.

We educate

We educate

Our goal is to provide transparency to our clients by explaining each cost that comes with your stucco repair thoroughly. We don’t just tell you what’s wrong with your stucco exterior, we seek to find the root of the problem and give you solutions that help to ensure that this problem does not persist in the future.

Backed by Previous Clients

Backed by Previous Clients

We connect you with clients we have worked with before so you have an unbiased perspective on what to expect from our stucco services near Des Plaines.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Our Stucco Services Des Plaines

Exactly What Is Stucco?

Stucco is a cement that looks and feels like plaster. It can withstand the elements, as well as high temperatures and bright sunlight. When applied to any surface, it leaves a smooth finish. It’s a high-quality insulator that doesn’t break the bank. Because of its durability, it can resist prolonged exposure to freezing conditions.

Why Utilize Stucco?

It is unlikely that you will ever need to do a stucco repair since stucco is made of a tough substance that can withstand minor nicks, scratches, and other impacts. Water, heat and cold cannot harm it, and therefore its durability is further enhanced. Outdoors and inside, you may use it. And lastly, it’s a reasonable option for many building applications.

Is Stucco Expensive?

Because of its reduced price, stucco is seen as a cost-effective option. You won’t find better prices on stucco installation in Chicago than with us. In addition to these stucco services, our stucco contractors Chicago also provide stucco maintenance, stucco installation, stucco painting, stucco restoration, Dryvit repair, and finishes. Our stucco company is well-respected in the neighborhood for doing a wide range of stucco tasks. Our prices are always cheap.