About EIFS And Dryvit

The Exterior Insulation and Finish System (EIFS) offered by the expert stucco contractors Des Plaines has, consists of an outer layer made of hard insulation boards that have a plaster-looking finish. The simple type of EIFS was first seen in Germany around the 1960s and made its way to the US in 1969 brought by Dryvit. According to the best stucco company Des Plaines has, Dryvit integrates expanded polystyrene (beadboard) glued to the sheathing and covered with a modified cement base coat with woven glass fiber reinforcement and a final aesthetic textured coat. With time, this material has been subjected to variations. The type of EIFS mainly used by the Dryvit repair Des Plaines experts is the Polymer-Based (PB) System. It consists of a 1/16-inch thick base layer over the insulation and it’s covered by the external layer.

Daniel Gorecki

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