About Stucco Maintenance Des Plaines Service

The professional stucco maintenance Des Plaines experts provide consists of cleaning the surface and adding a protective coat. In order to keep its great appearance, maintenance is recommended once or twice a year. By following this advice, stucco can last around 20 years. One of the essential stucco services Des Plaines professionals suggest is applying oil-based paint every couple of years, which will contribute to its durability. It is also important to clean and repair all the cracks and crevices to prevent water damage. A second protective layer with elastomeric coating can also increase the lifespan of the stucco. If black stains and efflorescence are visible, you need the stucco repair Des Plaines homeowners recommend, as these are signs of water penetration. Finally, oil-based paint can be applied to improve the look and the resistance of the material.

Daniel Gorecki