About Stone Veneer Exterior Siding

Stone Veneer is a type of siding provided by the stucco company Des Plaines residents prefer, which resembles natural stone. This is achieved through a blend of Portland cement, iron oxide pigments, and aggregates shaped in a mold. The expert stucco contractors Des Plaines market offers recommend stone veneer as a more resistant and waterproof alternative to wood siding. Its textured finish makes it ideal to enhance the exterior look of a house that blends naturally with any style. Just as the stucco installation Des Plaines market offers, stone veneer can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns. Besides providing a nice accent to exterior walls, it can also enhance surfaces like columns, fire pits, and fireplaces. Our expert stucco contractors are ready to give your home the stylish touch with a professional installation of stone veneer.

Daniel Gorecki