What is Stucco Recoating?

As time passes, rain has a decaying effect on the stucco that provides a textured finish. Texture can disappear if the wall is subjected to pressure cleaning, or with further rain. In order to preserve the texture of your wall, the stucco contractors Des Plaines experts recommend applying a new coat of stucco or paint every 10 to 12 years. The coating comes in a variety of colors, and its application follows the same process as stucco painting. The price of this kind of stucco restoration Des Plaines companies offer is similar to the price of good quality paint. To ensure proper adhesion of paint and other coating materials to stucco walls, it’s essential to clean the surface and remove any trace of dirt and mildew. The service of stucco maintenance Des Plaines homes need can work wonders with your finish, and enhance crack isolation systems and the overall stucco application. 
Daniel Gorecki