What is Cement Board Stucco?

Cement board stucco is a fortified wall system that includes a cement-board core, a reinforced base coat, and an exterior layer consisting of acrylic polymer. This composition makes it resistant to high impact, punctures and cracks, and water damage. Because of these properties, the stucco company Des Plaines residents trust recommend cement boards for humid environments where a wooden-based wall would easily deteriorate. After the stucco installation, an exterior coat should be added to provide an aesthetic look and durability. The stucco contractors Des Plaines market offers can help you incorporate stucco as a surface layer. Even though this procedure involves significant preparation, the outcome is what every homeowner wants. With the right stucco services Des Plaines has, you will end up with a flawless surface, and you can choose between a raw plaster look or add your favorite color.

Daniel Gorecki